Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to recover your tumblr theme

Sometimes when you customize somethings on tumblr, wrong things happen and your tumblr page unconfigure, or apper all blank page. In other case, you doesn't like some custom things made and you want to back your previous theme. Learn in the steps below to reverse the custom things made on your theme on tumblr. 

Step 1) Login on tumblr and check this site http://www.tumblr.com/themes/recover

Step 2) On the page will appear all the backups that tumblr made of your theme. Max 20 backups. (If you have more than one blog in the account, choose the blog and press View Backups).

If you press Show Changes, will appear some codes, this codes is what you add or remove from your theme. To reverse this changes press Revert.

Note: The red lines are parts what you remove from the code of your theme, and the green lines are what you add.

Step 3) Comment here


Anonymous said...

I can't find the placere where to put the html anymore :-( Could some of you please help me?? I've added an awful theme which I now want to remove. But I can't seem to access the place where I change themes. Does any of you have a shortcut? Or any idea where to fix it? I've thried to revert the theme but with no luck :-(
Sorry if I sound dumb, I'm a Tumblr novice ;-)

Az said...

Doesn't seem to do shit. No backup available for mine. Tumblr really fucking needs to add a warning to the "install theme' button or at least make the recovery function useful.


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