Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to put a shuffle button on tumblr

Lern how to put a shuffle button on tumblr. When somebody click on this button, redirects to a random page of your tumblr

Step 1) Go to Tumblr >> Customize >> Theme >> Custom HTML, search for </style> and paste the code before it.

.shuffle {
position: fixed;
top: 35px;
right: 3px;
_position: static;
_margin: 3px;
_text-align: right;
z-index: 1337;

Step 2) Search for </body> and paste the code before it.
<div class="shuffle"> <a href="/random"><img src=""></a></div>       
Step 3) Press Update Preview and, if the button apears on the up right corner, it's alright. Save.

Step 4) Comments here..


Anonymous said...

OH MAn thank you! ... very good stuff

look at ""

Anonymous said...

Thank you dude, thank you, I've spent a YEAR trying to sort out a Shuffle button, and yours is the first one to bloody work.

Anonymous said...

Telling us what to search for then where the code goes was incredibly helpful. Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me. But, when I am trying to put it now, it won't. :(

Lost said...

To change the position of the button correct this part here. top: 35px;

I had to move mine to 52px; making it go 'down'.

This move didn't complicate the other tumblr buttons. Good luck. :j

Anonymous said...

thanks it worked. = ] proof here

Anonymous said...

Woow that worked! Thank you so much! :)
Check out my blog if you want to guys :

Anonymous said... I FOLLOW BACK! Thanks for this :D


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