Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to put a top pattern on tumblr

As you must have seen, some themes for tumblr have a fixed bar with details on top, which gives it a special touch and a certain charm.

How to put answered asks on balloons

Learn how to have the asks questions answered in the balloons and, doing it, have your tumblr better appealing and customized.

How to put music with the Streampad on tumblr

With StreamPad, hosting a song file is not necessary to play it on your tumblr. When the StreamPad code is installed on your tumblr, it loads automatically all the files you have posted on your blog and plays them. Then you ask, how come does it happen?

On tumblr it is possible to post songs, you just need to click on Audio in your dashboard options. In the page to be opened you can choose to post a file from your computer, or to use a link in which the song can be found. For example, a 4shared link.

And these songs you post on your tumblr are recognized and played on your page by StreamPad.

To get the StreamPad code you just have to enter on the website and to choose Tumblr as your platform. Then, roll the page down, you will see a code, roll it down again and there will be an option to customize your player.

Well, after editing your player, go to Tumblr>>Customize>>Theme>>Custom HTML, search for </head>.

Then, get back to the StreamPad page and copy your player code and paste it immediately before the </head> on your tumblr, click Update Preview to check if the player appears. If everything is alright, save and log in your page to check the result and if the songs you have posted are being played as audio on tumblr. In case your player does not appear on the Custom page of the tumblr, click Cancel.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to add links on the sidebar on tumblr

Below will be a simple tutorial about how to add links on the tumblr sidebar. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to put the LastFM player on tumblr

Most users of tumblr have a account on the LastFM, but a lot of them don't know you can put a list of the music or artists what you hear more on your tumblr. Exist a lot of list types, and one of them will be perfect on your theme of tumblr. Its simple, easy and fast, follow the steps below.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to block somebody on tumblr

  If you don't like some blog, or somebody follow you and you wanna block. With this link you will put the URL or the username of the blog and the person, if logged, don't will can see your tumblr, nether on the dashboard, but if the person log out, will can see your tumblr.


How to put endless scrolling on your theme on tumblr

O recurso que iremos usar se chama autopager. Some themes on tumblr have the endless scrolling, some not. On this post you will learn hot to put this on your theme. The resource is called autopager.